The identity crisis

From birth we are conditioned to think, act, believe and behave in certain ways. All of this information has been programmed into our minds from a young age. It stays ingrained in our DNA and has helped develop me and you, to this stage of our lives right now. DNA is entering you, just from reading this. Information is everywhere.

The mind processes all of this information each and every day. It assists with our sensual perceptions of Love and Fear. Plato once described the human condition of that like being chained up in an underground cave, where the light coming in, could only be perceived as shadows.

Still relevant in the 21st century, as it was back then.

The majority of our lives are spent labelling, grouping & identifying with materiality. Thus, creating the mental concept of you ‘being’ something. We look for love in others, forgetting we are love. To think outside the box, is to realise that there is no box. Our sense of self has merely created that concept from not knowing oneself.

Words have meanings. Which is why we are Human beings. We’ve just forgotten the simplistic nature of being.


-James Johnson

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