How much of your free will is really yours?

Loud, offensive, stumpy sounds attack your eardrums; as yet another day is about to begin. It’s time to get up. You scramble to find your personalised technological best friend to end this nonsense noise; so eventually you can start your day in peace. Realising you don’t have enough battery to listen to your favourite podcast series, for some inspirational shower times, or even enough to have a cheeky scroll; you do without.

As you leave the front door the sunshine and its comforting heat overwhelms your senses as you soak it up, bit by bit. You feel a sudden rush as it spreads throughout your entire body, sinking deep into your bones, revealing a visible warm glow and a natural smile, of which quickly presents itself upon your face. The intensity of the glorious day consumes all of your attention, failing to notice the ever so slight differences that have been forced upon this day, affecting each and every individual; including you.

Confused faces, lost souls, useless fingers and a general awkwardness looms on the faces of those around; unsure of how to behave, not knowing how to sit, and simply think for themselves; they’re lost.

As the warmth of the outside air slowly turns into a questionable chill, you become restless, confused and now extremely analytic of things right in front of your own eyes. Without your phone to turn to with a desire to distract your bored, anxious mind, you start asking questions.

Your eyes; now able to relax; they have a seemingly novel flow, gliding your attention smoothly from place to place, as you continue along your train journey to work. It seems there is nothing distracting you, your mind is crisp and so clear, free for thoughts of your own, but this in itself, seems daunting.

Your destination is only minutes away; nice and early you feel comfortably relaxed and able to fully immerse yourself back into this delightful sunshine! As you leave the station with a spring in your step; things aren’t right, the ranting and seemingly unstable old woman you pass by each day,  has not only spread her insanity to others; its worse. There are at least 50 individuals, lost, confused, heads in their hands, pacing uncontrollably, ranting and raving. Only hearing only the odd word or two there is no way to understand the severity of what has gone on here.

It continues to become even more ambiguous, there are celebrations, intense expressions of anger, lost souls all mixed in with a sense of enlightenment. As you begin to look around for some clues, scanning the concrete walls around you, the buses that chug by, the stops at which crowds of people disperse onto the streets; you stop and you think.

So obvious; but perhaps not taken into consideration enough; advertisements. They’re all gone. Nothing but freshly painted walls, interesting art and the natural brick wall that was once so carefully built, developing into a beautifully impressive building that stands above. All of these things amongst many others that weren’t even recognised, appreciated or valued as they continued to be smothered by the mind bending marketing campaigns, flooding your brain with continuous subliminal messages, without even being questioned.

Now, feeling a sense of freedom, free to appreciate everything for what it truly is, you begin to wonder why people are acting out, this seems like such a positive thing, right?

Entering the huge doors that lead you to your welcoming office, usually filled with friendly faces, you notice that the atmosphere has changed a little here, too. No one is sat at their desks. As you slowly walk to the common area, where normally you have your excellently prepared and practiced small talk with others whilst making a cup of coffee, you are welcomed by utter pandemonium.

Loud, offensive, stumpy sounds attack your eardrums as colleagues express their absurd distress. You take a back seat on this one and creep back quickly within yourself and watch as if you are no longer there. Blurred hearing, your mind has stopped. Focusing on your breath, you bring yourself back, you turn to face the television placed in the corner, as you edge closer, trying to read the different texts appearing on the current news channel, your prime minister delivers this message…

“It is my duty to inform you all, that today is the day that marks our future; we will once again become individuals, thinking for ourselves, deciding for ourselves, asking our own questions and looking out to see how we can improve ourselves, going on to help our society as a whole. As of today, all access to social media will be cut and all advertisements will be banished. With the bottomless scrolls, likes, pointless posts and much more stealing your precious time, impacting your happiness and affecting how you eat, sleep and view yourself; we decided we owed it you to release you from this torture. Unfortunately, your addictions got the better of you, which is why we had to come to such a drastic decision. Now please, we will offer services to help you enjoy life again outside of the screen, entering back into nature, restoring the peace that has been rumbled and disrupted within ourselves and in the society we now live in. We can help with social lessons, helping explain and teach empathy and understanding, bringing you back to the real faces around you. Please now be free to make your own movements, based on your own judgements, no longer influenced by hundreds of thousands of subliminal messages fed to you by adverts and marketing campaigns. Please, be free. Listen to yourself.”

A society shaken, life’s main focus destroyed; with people desperately trying to find their feet.

As a few months passed by, the confusion calmed and acceptance for what life is now had arrived. People in general seemed calmer, happier and had blossomed as individuals, adventuring out into the unknown more often. Fashion wasn’t as important, with no marketing campaigns telling people how they should look, people started to decide for themselves. People spent money in a more relaxed manner, learning to listen to their own needs instead of being a victim of trickery. Businesses made less money, but still enough, saying goodbye to greed as they were now fighting a losing battle. Happiness became a real thing, people of all ages and all backgrounds began to take this seriously, interacting more openly and forming genuine relationships, face, to face.

Be aware, wake up.

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