eating out.

You’re tucking into a delectable, juicy,  mouthwatering crispy chicken burger with extra bacon on top. Just the right amount of sauce and perfectly cooked fries to munch on in between bites; you feel a warm glow ignite within your stomach, instantly becoming relaxed, molding into the shape of your chair.

Now feeling extremely proud of yourself, you go on to share the story of the succulent chicken burger with friends on social media naming the photo ‘phwoar, fully loaded mate!’ or ‘its bigger than my head!’; but it doesn’t stop there. You retell the story again and again, perhaps while you are tucking into some crispy fish fingers or a rather large steak or even just the next day at work in between calls.

One week has passed and now comes the decision of where to go next? Where will your taste buds take you this evening?! It’s a pretty exciting game to play, having access to all areas at a low price, with an array of culinary cultures at your doorstep.

It took some deliberating but you did it, decision made! You and your food friend of choice set off on your food adventure, stomachs rumbling and mouths watering, two ravenous hyenas swiftly walking off into the sunset to score the next meal.

On today’s menu is an award winning restaurant adored by all of its guests, it was recommended by your mother, who often goes with friends. The service is a smooth as a babies bottom, the evening is going perfectly, you’ve ordered your food and your drinks are now arriving, there’s some beautiful people to admire, and you; look great.

Your food arrives, you take some time to prepare the plate, ensuring the enjoyment factor is as high as can be. Your friend orders a pizza, looks pretty delicious, the pieces of meat are perfectly postitioned and thinly sliced making it easier to scram each slice into their mouth. Your time has come, you’ve ordered the pie, and it, like you, looks great. You’re killing it!

In you go, taste by taste, the meat is so tender and flavourful, it tastes as though its free-range, so fresh, rich and meaty. Your mother was right, this restaurant is the dogs bollocks! Bite by bite, you mix some of your mash with your pie, the smoothness with the firm but flaky chunks of dog, coat the entirety of your mouth. You feel a sparkle of life run through your veins as you chew on the slow cooked Labrador which melts on your tongue, you’ve never felt this good!

Your friend is also having an excellent time, the meaty slices on their pizza have had a little bit of spice thrown on there which has really made the British short-hair  pop! Mixed with a varied selection of mushrooms and dip of garlic mayonnaise, it may just be the best pizza they have ever eaten, in their whole life.

It is now your new local, your go to, cheap and delicious, really can’t go wrong. Each week you go, becoming one of the regulars, they give you free shots at the end of the meal and sometimes even a desert to share.

It’s been 6 months and you’ve become so accustomed to your weekly visit to your house of heaven you decide to celebrate this substantial relationship you have formed and go alone, to really savour every bite.

Arriving at the restaurant you notice something’s a little strange.

No people.

No lights.


Its closed down.

Startled and deeply confused you drop to your knees after reading the explanation on the window, with your head in your hands your heart ripping out of your chest you’re in utter disbelief that something so terrible could happen to you, just when it was becoming so great; how could this be!?

You throw your hands up in the air punching the sky shouting…



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