what are we doing here?!

A floating planet in the middle of nowhere, completely baffling to put into perspective;  often the reasons behind our planets existence along with our own get swept under the rug as we continue with our day to day activities.

The big bang theory is the main theory that everyone in this day and age is aware of and accepts as an the explanation of our existence. As everyone knows or partly knows, the big bang came about due to rapid expansion of matter from extremely high temperature and density, which apparently happened 13.7 billion years ago, starting as a black hole. It seems to be a misconception that the big bang was in fact a big bang, because it wasn’t. The big bang was a big expansion, which continues to expand; perhaps ‘the big expansion’ didn’t have the same ring to it. I feel that society, with me included have been brought up with this false pretence that this is factual, when we can never know the real truth.

So, another theory suggests that we haven’t expanded from the black hole, but we are inside a black hole. Dr Nikodem Poplawski from Indiana University suggested that all of the matter that gets sucked into a black hole might have turned into a black hole on the other end.  This could explain what happens to all the mysterious things, which enter a black hole, because at the moment no one really has a clue. Poplawski suggests that the matter going into the black hole could move through it, potentially creating another ‘big bang’, which results in another universe, this being a black hole within a black hole within a black hole within a black hole…. You get the idea. Calculations have shown that the other end of a black hole is a ‘white hole’, where the time is reversed spewing all of the compressed matter forwards, which is mathematically equivalent to the creation of the universe. So basically Life is one big black hole Inception.

Adding to the big bang theory is how this continues and comes to an end, it was thought that expansion should be slowing down as the gravity pulls the galaxies back together, but it seems to be continuously increasing. The explanation of this was often thought to be due to ‘dark energy’, acting as anti-gravity. However, now it has been looked into and two Spanish researchers suggest that it’s not this at all, the universe isn’t expanding any quicker, time is simply slowing down. This means that at some point in the future everything will freeze, so please take this as your motivation to do what you enjoy at all times, but try and mix it up a little.

The next and most interesting theory, in my eyes, is the idea explored by Elon Musk, of that we are all living in one big computer simulation. If you think about how rapidly technology is improving and expanding I don’t think it’s too outrageous in thinking that one day the computer simulations won’t be unrecognizable to real life, as we aren’t too far off this now. Personally technology and how much it has improved/expanded even just in my life time scares the heebie-jeebies out of me, this theory suggests that we will get to a certain point where the different realities will be indistinguishable, never knowing whether this life was the ‘real’ one or not. It could be that we are those lucky few living on that base level, but this would be one chance in one billion. However unsettling this theory may seem, it would mean that the world is never ending, which personally I don’t see as such a bad thing. The big bang and other theories have a concluding moment, letting the world end, at least this theory lets the human race live on, or whatever we would be called at this point.

A similar theory to this is the ‘Brains in the vat’ theory, suggesting that we are millions of brains sat, in vat, being controlled by something/someone where freedom of choice isn’t as free as we thought. Perhaps some crazy alien is in charge and the reason behind it all is that they use the energy we create to run their world; we are the alien’s bitches while they’re off enjoying life. Aliens, the government; same thing.

Going from outer control, to only individual existence, Solipsism suggests that nothing can be verified apart from the existence of our own mind. As outrageous as it seems, try and verify the existence of someone or something else’ consciousness, pretty impossible. This looks into the idea that life is an elaborate dream, touching others we know to verify their existence just won’t do. People on LSD have said that they have had hallucinations so real they could touch others who weren’t there, undermining this as a way to confirm someone else’s existence.

Two contrasting theories which begins with Presentism, is that only the present moment exists. I feel this theory is a little bit lazy, instead of coming up with an idea for why we are here its said that the explanation doesn’t exist. Nice way to look at life, appreciating the present moment, but it doesn’t explain why or what happened, because nothing happened and only this is happening.

In contrast to this theory is Eternalism, where it is believed that time has many layers. Suggesting that all of these layers exist simultaneously, all past present and future, like a layered cake that alters your perception on what is happening depending on where you are standing. This meaning that dinosaurs, Hitler and you all exist at the same time but can only be viewed from a certain point. With this comes the view that free will appears to be an illusion, great.

This next one is pretty ridiculous, its called Koreshanity and this one believes that the whole universe, including the sun are locked inside a sphere/cell. With another take on this theory being that we’re not just trapped inside a sphere, but we are actually living on the inside of earth, of which is hollow. The first part to this theory could mean that we’re in a huge ball pit in a child’s play area, surrounded by other universes locked inside sphere’s, or that maybe that ball is in ‘space’, if space exists. Although the latter, living inside the world is a little unbelievable, we still cannot say whether it is true or not, until it is proven.

An interesting and mind boggling theory is the multiverse theory, this proposes that whenever a decision is made with an action taking place, there are multiple outcomes, splitting off into may possibilities. This would mean that the worlds aren’t too different, but all of those times you’ve wondered how life would be if you had taken that job or listened to your mother, we would be able to find out. The amount of universes is on going, so taking your decisions and then everyone else’s in the world/universe, there would be an uncountable amount of universes existing. This theory for me is really interesting and means that we would be living every possible life, being able to see whether we made the right choice here in this dimension. However, it does not explain where those universes are, they could be in space or they could be water droplets in a nice warm bath, the possibilities are endless.

This last theory isn’t so much on why we are here but what it is, and is pretty heart breaking, if true, but it has been talked about that space is simply a hologram. Imagine if all we’ve been looking at is just a projector, I mean even so, that would be pretty impressive, a lot of effort must have been put in to create such an illusion. Although pretty unlikely, it’s an interesting thing to think about, due to its outrageous nature it makes you question, if it were true, the importance you place on materialistic things, jobs and everyday activities.

Due to being unable to go back in time I find it difficult to completely side with one theory over another, however convincing one may be. But until time travelling comes into play I think its interesting to take all of this into consideration, especially into each and every day, when life brings you down and the stresses created by society overwhelm you; just remember where you are, absolutely nowhere.

yvie 8

– Evie Pardoe

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