too far gone?

A perfectly peaceful place; waves crashing, trees blowing in the wind, the sound of epic silence runs through prodigious valleys. Not a single word is spoken, not a fume in sight, just a simply idyllic space filled with the self-sustainable environment of its core.

The world has been forever turning since its birth in our ever-expanding universe, it has slowly transformed into a place of the people. It has seen species come and go, altering its natural form to adapt, persisting to provide life to its inhabitants. Since the birth of human beings it seems this path has had increased difficulties in its success of living a free and happy life. Each new experience and each new idea has had an affect, demolishing a forest for books, the mass production of cattle with the desires of steak sandwiches and the production of unnecessarily fast cars; all immensely impacting the health and foundations of the planet we call home.

The devastating effects include increasing floods and droughts as rainfall patterns become more extreme, freshwater environments are under excessive pressure from drainage, damming, pollution, extraction, and invasive species. The oceans acidic levels are rising which are attacking its coral reefs, deforestation is filling the atmosphere with carbon dioxide therefore losing a necessary tool in its absorption to help prevent global warming, the removal of trees is also removing homes to many animals and plants. We are now looking at 20-30% of all species of wildlife being at risk of extinction.

Did we go too far?


A peaceful place, a clean mind, a tiny head of hair blowing in the wind and the sudden sound of epic cries run throughout the house, waking all of its inhabitants. Not a word is spoken, not a bad decision in sight, just a blank canvas unknown to its own existence.

Each second passes, with this comes continuous growth within the mind and body. A vacant father, a mentally abusive mother, an upbringing engulfed in others worry or an ‘inoffensive’ embarrassing trump you let out when you were 12. Blissfully unaware of each experience piling up, impacting every move, in turn, forever binding the basis of their physical and mental health. As time goes by, they gain more ‘freedom of choice’, with their past adventures and the society in which they live leading them to make some risky decisions. Insecurities develop over time, left to spiral out of control, lost in the world around them, bogged down by social pressures to be successful in every possible way.

Thus, all leading to an overactive mind of tangled thoughts, lowered self-esteem and a distorted fog of what reality truly is, distancing themselves from what they once loved. Social anxieties built up stealing the importance away from what really matters. Isolation of the self seems like the only way that makes sense.

Did they go too far?

The world around us is as precious as our brain helping us to process it. Accepting that we are just simply too far gone is not an option, however this is of those who choose ignorance over reality, closing their minds and refusing change because of the difficulties it presents; only to realise that these ‘difficulties’ are just an illusion. Each recycled paper, new vegetarian, a meditation or therapy session, reaching out to a friend; use of renewable energy or bike commute to work, has its affect. Acknowledgement is key in moving forward to a brighter future, inside and out.

We are never too far-gone when the immediate future is still within reach; everyone has choices.


– Evie Pardoe

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