Last days of elvis


A meticulously detailed blend of post-punk, dreamy indie guitar rock and brooding electronica, Last Days of Elvis confronts the listener with soaring harmonies over understated yet infectiously catchy instrumentation. Originally formed in Glasgow, Scotland by Andrew Stark and Seán Gallen who bonded over their love of artists such as Arthur Russell and Nick Cave, the band became whole when they relocated to Berlin and met Thom Raysmith and Jason Greenberg.







“A romantic Conor Oberst tristesse inspired by the restless ghost of Leonard Cohen. Many
layers, from cinematic to atmospheric and mystifying in between.” – Turn Up The Volume

“The group strikes a chord. But they never strike too many: less-is-more-ism is the greatest virtue of the album’s core. (…) they do away with the catchy hooks of modern festival rock and bare their soul in a series of unglamorous, straight-talking slow numbers. It’s unusual, brave and very effective.” – Indieberlin

“What really sets Last Days Of Elvis apart is the sheer quality of the songwriting, over the
nine tracks here it never falters for a second […] If you like your music dark, moody and
dissolute then look no further.” – SWIT


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