anxious minds

Acceptance is key

in discovering your own mystery,

all that shame

and too much blame,

unnecessarily shaping reality.


Unknowingly affected

Ignorance is bliss,

But the truth of the matter

proves the opposite of this.


Something seen in many

but not often found,

naively with their head in the ground.


Realisation occurs once you’ve snapped

believing that you,

in your own mind,

are trapped.


Now having the face to fit to the name

all that’s left is to be rid of the shame,

knowing that you are only human

and this is just a thing.

being aware

and able to share

minimizes that brutal sting.


Observe but don’t indulge

you don’t always have to bite,

seeing your thoughts for what they really are

do this and you’re on to win the life long fight.


Ignoring all of the stigma

and all of the stress

see it clearly,

trust yourself.


You’ll do what’s best.


– Evie Pardoe

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